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Annual Parish Meeting

Easton & Letheringham Village Hall

Friday May 5th at 7.30pm

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Framlingham Town Council, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012  have submitted their neighbourhood plan to Suffolk Coastal District Council ahead of it being submitted for independent examination.  At this point in the proceedings Suffolk Coastal is required to publicise the neighbourhood plan and to invite comments.  Full details on where to view the plan and how to comment are provided in the attached notice please use the following link:




Each year end the Parish Council is duty bound to complete an Internal Audit together with an External Audit, the findings of the Internal Audit support the information required for the External Audit.

For info on the 2015 audit click here.


The Parish Council’s responsibilites include:

• Finance - The Parish Council is responsible for the approval and monitoring of Council expenditure, annually analysing future funding requirements and recommends the precept to be raised. Arranging insurance of parish property, loans and donations and other associated activities requiring finance.

• The Village Green, Play Area, Cemetery and Car Park - grass cutting, general maintenance, lighting and any thing else vaguely to do with them.

• Planning – The Parish Council receives and considers consultation copies of all Planning Applications relating to the parish. Recommendations from the Council either in support of the application or as objections, are passed to Suffolk Coastal District Council who, as Planning Authority, will make use of these comments in their determination of the application.

To access the new Planning Portal (a joint venture with Waveney District Council) to see current and historic planning applications, click here. You may have to accept their terms and conditions first and then put "Easton" in the simple search box to see the results (it goes back to 16/02/1988, very interesting).

• Parish Property – The Parish Council looks after the notice boards, play equipment, some benches and the car park lighting.

• Highways and lighting - The Parish Council liaises with the highways Agency on some matters such as road condition and cleaning, signposting and the supply of electricity for car park lighting.


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Contact details of Councillors that serve Easton

Parish Councillors:



Sue Piggott

Tel: 01728 746622


Vice Chair:

Alun Thomas

Tel: 01728 747267


Michael Coney

Tel: 01728 746181


Fiona Siddall

Tel: 01728 746517


Bob Gibbon

Tel: 01728 746866


Adrian Hollins

Tel: 01728 746053


Clerk: Bill Dicks

Tel: 01728 638453



Suffolk County Councillor





Suffolk Coastal District Councillor

Carol Poulter

Tel: 07833 441349



Central Suffolk & North Ipswich MP

Dr Dan Poulter



Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council Minutes