Easton Houses in 1966

This booklet was produced in 1966 by Brigadier John Packard. Following his Army career, he and his family lived in the Agents House next door to the White Horse pub. The booklet has been passed on to the village by his son, Simon Packard - thank you very much for this fantastic "snap shot" in time.

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If you require higher resolution scans of the photos, please contact Tony Smith.


  • Front Page

    Front Page
  • Map

  • Views-from-the-Church-Tower

  • All-Saints-Church

  • The-Green

  • The-Wiggly-Wall

  • The-Smithy

  • Street-View

  • The-Cemetery

  • The-Cricket-Ground

  • The School

    The School
  • Glendower

  • 1 & 2 Home-Farm-Cottages

    1 & 2 Home-Farm-Cottages
  • Glevering Home Farm

    Glevering Home Farm
  • Ivy Cottages

    Ivy Cottages
  • Arcadia Bungalow, Hacheston Rd

    Arcadia Bungalow, Hacheston Rd
  • Maples & Ancona, Hacheston Rd

    Maples & Ancona, Hacheston Rd
  • 43 Hacheston Rd

    43 Hacheston Rd
  • 44 & 45 Hacheston Rd

    44 & 45 Hacheston Rd
  • Low Barn (Verandah) Cottages

    Low Barn (Verandah) Cottages
  • School House

    School House
  • The Willows

    The Willows
  • Flowery Patch & Hurrens

    Flowery Patch & Hurrens
  • Off Stump, Middle Stump and Meadow View

    Off Stump, Middle Stump and Meadow View