Easton Art Sale of 1919, The figurines: The figurines date from around 1837 and were made in Lucknow for the Nawab of Awadh. They were included in the art sale of of 1919 at Easton Park by the 12th Duke of Hamilton's daughter, Lady Mary Douglas-Hamilton, wife of the Marquis of Graham. The figurines are encrusted with animals interlocking to create human forms. They bear comparison to the tradition of Indian miniature paintings of fantastic animals. Within the Hindu tradition these composites may have been used to represent migration of souls through successive reincarnations. The full story and detailed research by Alison South of The Horniman Museum, London, in tracing the origin of these very unusual figures (and their link to Easton) can be viewed at the following Link: https://www.horniman.ac.uk/get_involved/blog/the-zoomorphic-figures-of-awadh. All images (c) The Horniman Museum,